Umm… bread?

I make a lot of bread. I make almost all the bread that’s consumed in my household. If you’ve been reading for awhile you may remember that I even did a decent job with Julia Child’s fourteen page French bread. I’d say I’m a pretty good bread maker. So can someone tell me why my first attempt at using a bread machine resulted in this:



6 Responses to “Umm… bread?”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Holy crap that looks terrible! Did you have the mixing paddle installed in the bottom of the baking pan? That makes me laugh though…I always thought the breadmaker was a sure-fire way to get perfect bread every time!

  2. amanda Says:

    Yeah, the paddle was in. I think it was lacking a TON of liquid but I followed the recipe exactly. Then again, it was a recipe that came with the machine so that could explain it.

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  4. lol2728 Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA…..Bread FAIL. XD I have NO idea how that happened o.o Maybe you just needed a FAIL moment that day? XD

  5. breadchick Says:

    I have to say in all my years of bread making, I’ve never seen a loaf that looks like this! I’d be interested in seeing the recipe and what bread machine do you have?

  6. delicious chronicles Says:

    i don’t have a bread machine. but after that i’d rather not…. i do a lot of bread my hand too. its funner!! sourdough is my favorite.. my mom loves red-pepper feta foccacia!!

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